Your building is more than just concrete, glass and steel.
With the proper approach, it holds the key for strengthening you organisation.
How can you make this interaction between your building and organisation even more effective?

Human beings design buildings. Subsequently, these buildings determine for years on end how organisations perform. So in fact, your building is not simply a solid structure; it contains the key for better education, better healthcare and better revenue models.
And that is exactly what TRAJECT excels in: enhancing buildings in such a way that your organisation has the time and space to achieve results. And that demands a custom-built solution.
The 361˚ Healthy Building way of working has already proved its worth for customers such as: the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency, Google, Shell, Commerz Real, Free University Amsterdam, ABN AMRO, BMW Mini and Center Parcs.
99% of all solutions in one integrated approach:
Healthy buildings
Your building project centrally directed

Whatever your aims, a building project is always complex, with many parties involved. Qualified TRAJECT managers run a project from a central point. They organise everything from the very first plan up to the point the building is ready for occupation.

Investigation of building defects
From problem analysis and advice to complete restoration projects

A healthy building performs well for all those involved: from project developers right through to the users. Tackling building defects successfully – after requesting a second opinion, for example – requires discretion and transparency.

Management of costs
Realistic and well-established objectives, and keeping costs under control

Right from the start, it is important to have a clear insight into where your ambitions are leading you, into the available financing, and the whole procedure through the years. Our cost managers give you the opportunity to make healthy decisions.

Fulfil your corporate social responsibility (CSR) ambitions by certifying sustainability

A new strategy for your organisation and your building? Do you wish to fulfil your CSR ambitions? The way to do this is to certify your sustainability. TRAJECT has its own experts for this. Techniques such as LEED and BREEAM provide transparency so you don't lose your way in an administrative maze.

Well thought-out programmes for better maintenance, building management, renting procedures and enhanced security

Expert building management does not only help limit spending; it is also the perfect catalyst for all vital corporate operations. At the same time we notice that maintaining buildings and technical facilities is not a strong point in many sectors. That is why exploitation management for hospitals, educational institutions and offices requires a customised package.

Technology & Energy
Installations, internal climate control, water and energy together form the driving force for any Healthy Building

Many organisations put efficiency, environment and sustainability first when organising their energy usage. That is why they look for the most cost-effective and least complicated applications. TRAJECT advises, designs and keeps a check on how technical installations are constructed.

Inspections, audits & analysis
All the tools you need for healthier buildings

A better building for your organisation begins with accurate measurements. TRAJECT offers a complete series of solutions in areas such as:

  • building safety, internal climate and architecture. Dutch NEN standard and BOEI inspections (Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency)
  • sustainability certification (LEED, BREEAM)
  • Energy & installation concepts
  • Financing, reducing expenditure
  • Project, procedures and programme management

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